Love your breasts after pregnancy

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Your breasts after pregnancy don't look like they used to?

You're ashamed to get naked in front of your partner?

You've lost interest in sex because you hate they way you look?

Sign up for a free webinar and learn how to love (or accept, for starters) your breasts after pregnancy!

What you’ll gain by joining the webinar

Face the inner critic

You’ll hear the voice in your head that tells you your breasts are unattractive. You’ll figure out where it comes from – is it coming from you or perhaps it’s your partner who is critical of your looks?

Understand your needs

You’ll find out what you need to feel good about the way your breasts look like after pregnancy.

More pleasure in bed

You’ll learn simple techniques and rituals that will allow you to enjoy intimacy despite being self-conscious about your breasts.

What the women are saying
"The workshop helped me realize that we are so accepting towards others and so critical towards ourselves" I've gained a healthy distance to myself and saw that we all deal with similar problems. Anka skillfully created the atmosphere of openness and mutual acceptance. I can honestly recommend Anka as the leader of group workshops. Her authenticity and professionalism make for a great combination".
Joanna Baird, participant of body positivity workshop in Lausanne in 2018
I've had a pleasure to participate in Anka's workshop. She's a wise woman with great intuition and knowledge. She's trustworthy and can help you if you let her. Recommended.
Magdalena Oktay, participant of body positivity workshop in Lausanne
"I’m very happy about this work. It made me think, ask myself questions and finds answers. I’m listening to myself now. I’m starting to understand where things came from. Anka has helped me chase away my fears. Until today I can reach for the “treasure chest” we created together and use it if my sexual energy is low. It reminds me that my sexuality is always with me. Thank you!"
Dominika, sex coaching client

Your host

Anka Grzywacz has been working in the field of human sexuality for 18 years. Her mission is to help busy parents keep love and desire alive. For three years she was a host of a nationwide radio show "The Good Sex" in a big Polish station TOK FM. She studied in clinical sexology, life coaching and sex coaching. She's a mom of a toddler boy.


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