3 Expert Tips for Low Libido in Pregnancy

Free webinar with expert sexologist & Certified Sex Coach

Congratulations! You are pregnant.

You're probably excited and worried at the same time.

You used to enjoy sex and now you feel...nothing. Absolutely nothing.
Perhaps you're ashamed to ask your doctor about it.

You love your partner but don't want to pressure yourself.

Let's talk! Woman to woman.

This webinar will help you to:

Understand your desire

You will stop asking yourself “am I normal that I’m not interested in sex? You will understand why you have low libido in pregnancy and what may be causing it..

Have more pleasure in bed

You will learn how to make the best of your intimacy during pregnancy despite low libido levels. Let’s just say you need to get more, um, creative 😉

Say No without guilt

There will be times when you will just not feel like making love. You will learn how to talk about it with your partner so that you both feel OK with it..

And there’s more benefits!

your questions answered

Every pregnancy and every woman is different. You probably have your own questions. To make sure I answer your concerns, send me an email as soon as you receive your sign-up confirmation.

Replay available for 48 h

Can’t make it to the webinar live? No worries! I’ll send you a link to the replay. So feel free to ask your question in an e-mail and see my recorded answers later.

Exlusive follow-up coaching for free!

After the webinar you will have one month to put my tips in practice. You will certainly have questions along the way. I will answer them for free during a follow-up coaching call in my closed Facebook group one month after the webinar.

What the women are saying

"I’m very happy about this work. It made me think, ask myself questions and finds answers. I’m listening to myself now. I’m starting to understand where things came from. Anka has helped me chase away my fears. Until today I can reach for the “treasure chest” we created together and use it if my sexual energy is low. It reminds me that my sexuality is always with me. Thank you!"

Dominika, coaching client 2018
"You can talk about breasts, sex or holes in the ground - I'll listen to you anyway. I'm taking away the tip to observe myself in a given moment, to look at my breasts the way the look like right now, to see them, touch them, learn and experience them. Thank you for these descriptions: dignified, generous, Goddess-like. And thank you for the visualization exercise."
Who's the host?

Hi! I'm Anka Grzywacz.

In my work I help busy parents nurture love and desire in their relationships. I'm a sexologist and Certified Sex Coach .

I'm also a wife and mom of a 3-year-old boy. I love to talk about intimate things in a simple and fun way.

I believe Good Enough Sex is better than perfect sex which almost never happens.

I'm so happy you're interested in joining me and other moms-to-be this evening. Make yourself comfy, grab that blackberry juice or a glass of alcohol-free wine and let's talk bedroom stuff!


Remember that the replay will be available only to those who sign up for the webinar so secure your seat now!

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