How I got pregnant in my 30s in two months

how I got pregnant in my 30s

Today I’m sharing a piece of personal history of how I got pregnant in my 30s using fertility awareness. I want to explain why I’m so excited about cycle charting. Cycle app tracking are the thing nowadays but my own fascination started many years ago. By the way, I think I should call myself a trendsetter by now. So many … Read More

Take care of yourself, mommy! Self-care for moms

Self-care for moms

I didn’t do much work last evening. Or the evening before. I fell asleep. It happens so often whenever it’s my turn to get our son to bed. He’s a toddler so it takes about an hour for him to settle down and get sleepy. I feel so connected to him even on a physical level that we usually fall … Read More

Spice up your sex life. No tools required.

spice up your sex life

Spice up your sex life with a plastic Willy! Seriously? Willy shot glasses. Willy head boppers. Yes, you heard me right. You put a hairband on your head and it’s got penises on a jumpy coil that looks like antennae of a funny bee. This is the version of sexual variety sold to brides-to-be by sex toy stores. Plastic genitalia … Read More

Enjoy sex in pregnancy until childbirth!

sex in pregnancy

Sex in pregnancy? Yes please! Has your OB-GYN ever talked to you about sex during your prenatal checkups? I asked this question in my Facebook group and several women said that the topic was never discussed. I think this non-representative example is a good indication of what’s going on in gynaecologists’ offices around the world. If sex is mentioned, it … Read More